Educational Toys_Gifts For 1 Month Old Baby Girl

Gifts For 1 Month Old Baby Girl

Do you have a one-month old baby girl ? Are you looking for some appropriate toys for her ? If your answer is yes, then we have great information for you, along with best toys to develop the skills of your four weeks old baby girl. 

Before we dive in the playing and toys scenario
, let me present the following helpful facts that may help you to choose appropriate toys for your one-month old girl:

  • Baby’s language abilities start developing right from day one. Even a four-week-old baby can tell the difference between the sound of ‘ma’ and ‘na’.And baby girls develop to be to be better in this.
  • By now your baby girl can coo, gurgle, grunt and hum to express her feelings. Coo and gurgle back in a sing-song voice (try not to feel silly – this is brilliant for her development). Baby girls are better in reading face expressions, mimic expressions, emotional aspects and so on.
  • Your baby’s hearing is very sensitive and it’s fully developed by now. They will begin to turn their head towards the source of a sound. You’ll likely find your little one reacting differently to different sounds and types of music. Remember that baby girls tend to have more emotional reactions.
  • When selecting toys, keep in mind that a one-month baby’s vision is still fuzzy, they are able to focus but they still can’t see far – around 30cm. They can track a moving object by moving their head and eyes but when the object disappears they forget it ever existed. 
  • Many toys for four weeks age are black and white: They can see color but they find the high contrast easier to pick out. 
  • Their neck muscles are still week, they are able to hold their head up briefly or turn it side to side. Moving Toys will help to develop their muscles .

So, Toys that may help your one-month year old girl to develop are these that have soothing sounds to kick-start her language skills and emotional response, toys that are bright and noisy – like a rattle – that you can move across her line of vision so she can follow it with their eyes, A mobile hanging above her cot is a good idea as it helps her tracking skills and focus, especially if it is shiny and/or high contrast. These Skills form the basis for further development when she becomes 6-12 months old.

Generally, one-month-olds respond to colors and sounds, appropriate toys for this age are of the type that they can focus on and follow, also you can shake a rattle for your infant to find. 

Gift Ideas For 1 Month Old Baby Girl :

1- Crib Mobile Toys

These toys consist of an arm that can be attached to the baby crip, and rotating soft toys are hanged from it This allows 20 to 30 cm distance from babies face. These can be of shapes, colors, smiling faces, smiling animals, . Most types come with soft music or even human sounds. Some come with a remote control.

Such toys are great to enhance your one-month-old color recognition, language, shape recognition, vision , and many other skills. In addition, they are essential because a month old baby spends most of his time in the crip These are great because babies in this age usually wake up and cries at night, and also she cries when she is boring.

Mobile Toys for one month old girl

2- Infant Baby Gym

It is Good to change the crip sometimes. Infant Baby gym’s comes as soft mat- baby safe material- with musical toy hanging from it, and a piano or another kick to play on the legs side. It allows for multi-play positions, and a different sound and vision for each toy or key.

It basically helps to stimulate baby’s senses through sight, touch and sound. Such Mats are generally appropriate for babies from 0-12 months because it allows also for sitting position, and on the stomach position later on, but this age you should only lay your baby at her back only ( no stomach position because her neck muscles are still week ). 

The play gym is great to enhance your child’s cognitive development through playing, to build gross and fine motor skills, and to strengthen baby’s muscles 
starting this time and for months to come.

Toys for one month old girl_Infant Baby Gym

3- Infant Animal Wrist And Feet Rattles

These are basically soft baby socks and wrist rattles, the attached soft toy makes a noise every time the baby kicks his leg or moves his hand.

They keep your baby engaged and encourages her to build vision, music, and motor skills while joyfully playing.

Most of these are made of cotton and comes in different colors and music.

You should NOT Take the inside little bell out of the Rattle. That might cause a CHOKING HAZARD to your Baby.

Toys for one month old girl_Infant Animal Wrist And Feet Rattles

4- Baby Soothers

Baby soothers are of different shapes and variations. They basically are Soft, cuddly and soothing toys with a gentle, comforting glow.

They activate automatically when baby cries and plays one of the calming music you set and beautiful lights to help baby focus on them.

WebMD website stated that : “Pacifier use during naps or nighttime can prevent sudden infant death syndrome. Doctors aren’t sure how it works, but if you give your baby a pacifier while she’s asleep, you might lower her risk of SIDS by more than half. Satisfy the suck reflex.Babies have a natural need to suck ”


5- Hanging Toys /Stroller/ Lathe /Car Seat/ Cot

These hanging toys come handy inside house or when taking your baby outside since they are designed to be fixed on strollers, car seats and cot as well.

They generally consist of soft material toys that make a sound when there is a slight movement, when pressed, and some comes with a battery to play a soothing music every time you press it.

These are appropriate for newborns up to 12 months. Mostly useful for one-month olds to develop their cognition and music skills.

Toys for one month old girl_Stroller Lathe Car Seat Cot Hanging toys

6- Infant Musical Soft Hanging Bed Toys

I have bought all the above toys myself, but this one had a really great effect on baby. Especially for a one-month-old it kept him staring at it, smiling and moving. Sometimes trying to talk to it.

The photo here is just for illustration, this toy has a lot of styles and shapes, the hanged smaller toys come with different options, some hanged toy make different sounds or sing for a minute, there are more than 20 styles of different shapes and hanging toys.

I have bought this and the ones with little singing birds and they were great.

Infant Musical Soft Hanging Bed Toys_Toys for one month old girl

Where to Get Educational Toys For a 1-Month-Old Baby Girl ?

1- You can Get look alike products on eBay

2-You can Get look alike products on Amazon.

We Welcome all your questions, opinions, and suggestions about Best Gifts For A 1-Month-Old Baby Girl. Please leave them in the comments below and we will get to you as soon as possible.

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