Toys For Babies 6 To 12 Months

Toys For Babies 6 To 12 Months

Before you buy toys for babies 6-12 months old, keep in mind that your baby can sit, stand and laugh by now. He can notice where toys are moving and where are things hidden. You need toys to promote his/her growth by this stage, but as he /she is still putting stuff in his mouth, avoiding small size toys and toys that have non-smooth edges is a must.

Appropriate toys for babies 6- 12 months old are these that allow them to touch and activate button and notice what happens., toys that encourage movement and thinking like placing things into a container, or turn the pages of a cardboard book. Toys that encourage them to crawl and pull themselves up . These Skills form the basis for further development when they get beyond the 1 year.

Best toys for 6-12 months are :


Balls For Babies 6 - 12 Months

Soft balls only are appropriate to this age. However, balls are great motivators for babies to crawl across the floor to push and bring it back, they are great tools to build baby motor skills, enhance visual stimulation, spark the imagination and social skills when playing with their parents. This category include rubber sensory balls , and stuffed balls that are usually made of cotton , or PU leather with cotton filler.

2- Big toys that the baby can hold and chew on


Children in this age love to place items in their mouth, taste them, and chew them, especially when they feel pain while they are developing teeth.

While appropriate toys of this category help fine motor skills and teething, parents must be aware that small size toys are very likely to be swallowed.

I recommend soft, big size toys that are made of safe material for this age range. Within this category comes all types of teething toys, safe material dolls that are safe to chew, and dolls that have features to allow the child to hold by one hand

Tip: Do not buy any baby toy that does not have the age range clearly written on its cover. Quality toys have at least the age range clearly mentioned on the cover in addition to some safety instructions.

3-Baby Rattle And Clutching Toys

Baby Musical Caterpillar Rattle With Ring Bell Mobile Toy

Toys that make sounds when shook or moved are babies favorite in this age range. A 6 to 12 months old baby also tends to grasp and clutch every thing he can reach in his/her hand. Elastic, soft, easy to grasp, colorful toys are of extreme joy for them. They are also important for: sensory play and development.

Toys in this category include Baby Rattles, Clutching Toys, Teethers, Shake and Wobble toys, Twist and Play Caterpillar Rattles, and alike products.

As we said earlier, such toys should be safe in case the baby tried to put in mouth.

4-Remove / Put Back Toys


Toys that allow them to take things apart and putting them back together encourage them to use their hands and develop fine motor skills. Practicing fitting rings or cups in place helps develop hand-eye coordination & dexterity as baby grasps the toys, Sorting the pieces helps develop problem-solving skills. Toys in this category include different types of rubber or soft blocks ( big size ones ) , Rock-a-Stack ( rings and a bat-at rocker base ) , Sort and Stack Tower for Infants,

5- Cause-and-Effect Toys


Toys that play music, open a door, or pop up when a baby click a button or move a part are great to develop skills of this age. It allows them to learn how things work and build fine motor skills as well as musical recognition. Keep in mind that little kids in this age like to push and watch. Toys in this category include Push and Spin Carousels, pop up toys, small computers that plays a song upon pushing a button or moving a mouse, Baby Musical instruments ( shakers, maracas, light-up pianos ) , and alike toys .

6- Baby Walkers


As Sharon Perkins puts it, ” At the minimum, a baby must be able to hold his head up steadily and have his feet touch the floor to use a walker. Walkers are designed for use by infants between the ages of 4 and 16 months, according to Consumer Reports, and children who can already walk should not use them “.

Sturdy walking toys have both physical and mental benefits. They promote a sense of independence for children and allow them to explore and learn while promoting muscle development, They enhance visual-motor and sensory development which is considered the foundation of early skills needed for reading, writing and socializing. The best time to use waking toys is when your child can sit upright on his own while holding his head up or trying to pull-to-stand.

Toys in this category include shopping carts, strollers, baby walkers with activity tray, activity walkers, and alike toys.

7- Bath Toys


Normal babies are able to sit up by himself/ herself at 6 to 8 months. Bath toys are great for this age to allow them to have fun, play, explore. They entertain your child and encourage development of fine motor skills, visual perception, creative play and more.

Bath toys for this age comes in many shapes like plastic, foam, or rubber ducks, fishes, dolphins, boats or any other shape. Some types float in the water and squirt water from their mouths. Some with other entertaining activities. However, they all share a basic function of developing skills and make the bath fun for babies at this age.

– What about Puzzles ?

Puzzles are great for problem solving, fine motor skills, visual skills, and many other skills.

Puzzles for this age should be large, preferably foam or wooden pieces, for the baby safety. Puzzle toys in this category include the ones with shapes, pictures, or colors so that the baby can pick. You can guide your baby hands to solve the puzzle for few times then let him do it alone and cheer them when they successfully solve it. BUT :

Although at 10 months babies like to remove and put pieces, this will help them solve puzzles later on. Note that such puzzles are appropriate for babies around the 12 months age.

– What about Dolls and Stuffed Animals ?

I have read that they are not recommended for this age due to many issues like chocking if the stuffed animal is left with baby while sleeping, unsafe colors on dolls especially that babies in this age range tend to put everything in his mouth.

Where to get educational toys for babies 6-12 months ?

1- You can Get look alike products on eBay

2-You can Get look alike products on Amazon.

We Welcome all your questions, opinions, and suggestions about baby toys 6 months to 1 year. Please leave them in the comments below and we will get to you as soon as possible.

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